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Our Services

NANCY RUMMEL & ASSOCIATES IS COMMITTED to guiding organizations and individual leaders to greater effectiveness, achievement, and satisfaction.

Some of the services we provide are:

Board Training and Strategic Planning

Leadership changes make it essential for board members to stay focused on the future of the industry rather than current operations. This happens when boards always focus on strategy, knowing exactly where the organization can best serve the industry, and goal-achieving metrics. We help boards and staff achieve consensus on the outcomes they want. We facilitate:

  • Planning retreats to articulate the organization’s overarching direction, including purpose, vision of the preferred future, strategies for accomplishing purpose and vision, key metrics, and values
  • Ways to measure successful outcomes
  • Clarifying Board and executive director/staff roles and responsibilities
  • Ongoing assessment and review process to keep planning effective


Executive and Team Coaching

We help leaders and managers learn how to navigate the people issues involved in leadership. The purpose of executive coaching is to change behavior. Together with each client we determine what the person wants or needs to do differently in order to be a more emotionally intelligent, effective leader. With team development, we use group coaching to determine how the group will more effectively accomplish what matters. We focus on improving people’s actual behaviors.


360-Degree Feedback Assessments

“Deep” leadership development is the process of introspection (individually and collectively) to understand our strengths as well as habits of thinking that may be limiting our leadership potential.

We accelerate leadership effectiveness using The Leadership Circle Profile™, a 360-degree assessment that identifies a leader’s strengths and challenges, and the underlying assumptions that cause limitations. We support leadership transformation from the inside out, and focus on actions that can be taken to lift leadership to the next level.

*The Leadership Circle Profile was developed and is owned by The Leadership Circle™.


Organizational Health to Achieve Goals

An organization is healthy when there is minimal politics and confusion, and there is unity of purpose with high morale, accountability and productivity.

We help develop emotional intelligence at work and effective team culture. We help create measurable performance criteria for your executive team and make sure people within the organization know the goals, their own responsibilities in achieving the goals, and what key leaders can be counted on to do.


Career Coaching for Executives and Managers

We mentor successful businesspeople in taking the next step in their career, by identifying the skills needed to reach the next level, and creating a development plan to get there.


Dream Manager

Organizations become best versions of themselves when their employees can realize that same opportunity. The Dream Manager is a workplace program that centers on improving productivity by helping staff achieve personal life goals. A key role of leadership is the ability to recognize the dreams of those we lead and inspire them to achieve those visions



To succeed as a leader, you need to get your people “all in.” Contact us today to explore how we can work together to grow your leadership talent. 614.319.3863 or
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