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Recent Work

CEO Strengthens Strategic Leadership and Performance of Executive Team

The CEO of a regional association was advised by the board of directors to develop stronger skills in presenting vision and strategy at the board level, and in improving his team to resolve challenges around growth.

We interviewed the CEO and his executive team to understand their culture, values, challenges, and beliefs about great leadership. Together we discussed the benefits of increasing self-awareness and improving organizational results. What would it take to achieve the success the board wanted?

We agreed that 360-degree assessments would help these leaders understand how they think, behave, and impact others. While most 360 assessments only measure  competencies, we use the Leadership Circle Profile that reveals to leaders and managers what they are doing, why they are doing it, and what actions they can take to lift their leadership to a higher level.

Their 360 reports deepened their understanding of how they were operating and the competencies that needed development. Action plans were developed and implemented. Team and individual performance improved to a level that exceeded board expectations.

Developing trust and holding people accountable are not easy changes to make, but they are essential for success.

When a large retirement center with more than 600 residents had significant dysfunctions on their leadership team, we presented Emotional Intelligence (EI) training and individual coaching for five executives. We found two big challenges had to be overcome: an absence of trust within the team and avoidance of accountability. There was significant finger pointing, blaming, and lack of open, honest communication. This resulted in unproductive staff meetings, goals not achieved, and costly bad decisions.

When the leadership team began to understand EI and the importance of being vulnerable with each other, they began to understand each other and communicate better. They started listening to each other and defining their differences and similarities. The bottom line was that they shared important values and wanted their company to succeed, so they were willing to work on changing.

Measurable results included much better staff and resident surveys as well as achievement of important goals. End-of the-year financials significantly improved over the previous year.

A group of great people with high IQs now have much higher EI.


To succeed as a leader, you need to get your people “all in.” Contact us today to explore how we can work together to grow your leadership talent. 614.319.3863 or
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